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NINE ELEVEN Outlaw Parts

Macassar Ebony Shifter

Macassar Ebony Shifter

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Please read before you buy!

You need to buy an adapter to mount the knob to your car! LINK to the adapters.

If you already own one of my shifter knobs and want to have this design to swap then you DON'T need to buy a separate adapter! 

There are only 6 wooden shifter knobs available to buy!

Doe to the limitations of the online store product availability, I need to split the product into 2 separate products! You need to choose a knob and the connection necessary to mount to your car!

The Pricing is set up so that the knob by it self is significantly cheaper than usual to give a loyalty discount to my 917 Shifter customers!

Thank you for your understanding! 

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